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Be Not Afraid

As technology continues to evolve, we’re finding out how easy it is to access information quickly from anywhere. I have a friend who calls his mobile phone the Google-augmented mind. Business travelers are no exception to this. In fact, more frequent business travelers carry smartphones than the average consumer. This makes communicating with your travelers more of a critical priority than ever to help you achieve your travel program goals.

 In our industry we love to talk about millennials and how we need to talk to them differently. I don’t think that recognizes the reality of the connected traveler that crosses generations while they crisscross borders. Our travelers today are connected and they are more aware of the variety of travel options than ever before. Let’s connect with them differently and bring them ‘in’ to our travel program. 

 Be open – share the “why” for your travel policy, not just the “what.” The more that your travelers understand the rationale behind your decisions, the more they will understand the broader goals you are trying to achieve. This can be especially true when you switch preferred providers that employees have grown to like. While employees may try to save money by going outside the travel policy, they do not see the bigger picture of what you are trying to accomplish. Explain how policy compliance will result in a larger savings for the corporation, and ultimately, a better travel experience for everyone. 

Have you brought your travelers “in” to the program?