Air Travel

Please say it isn’t so … 10 seats across in economy on a 777?

A recent article cites that United Airlines is considering putting 10 seats across the economy seating section of the 777. As a 6’4”-tall man, I cannot imagine being in such a configuration on a long-haul flight. I was curious if other airlines were doing the same and found that many already do. On SeatGuru, I found 10-across seating for at least eight well-known carriers … and I’m sure there are many others. 

Personally, I’m fortunate that my company allows me to fly in business class for longer flights, but it really makes me wonder how likely it would be for a business traveler to arrive rested and ready to concentrate for work after a long flight in a seating configuration like this. Especially when there is a 40% chance of sitting in a middle seat on economy! 

I also wonder how many travel managers take this into account when developing policy or when advising business travelers of their flight options. And not just the 10-across seating – what about the ongoing chatter around standing seats or other attempts to get as many passengers onboard a flight as possible?

For me, if the only option for a coast-to-coast flight is economy with 10 seats across, I think I’d look into traveling like NFL coach John Madden … in an RV.